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Happy Birthday Coach Dusty!


Happy Birthday Coach Dusty!

I’ve hijacked the website from Dusty tonight to make sure that we take a minute to wish him a happy birthday. Today is his 30th and I figured he wouldn’t do a birthday post for himself, so I decided to do it for him. I thought we’d do a little birthday tribute to him with a few pictures. So happy birthday Batman, we all wish you a great next decade of your life!


Amen brother. How much weight can you lift at 200 beats per minute????

Tuesday 2/10/15
EMOM 10 min:
1 min: 20 Alternating jumping lunges
1 min: 3 Wall climbs-chest to wall
30 rounds for time:
1 Burpee muscle up or 2 burpee chest to bar pullups
1 Squat clean and jerk (225/145)
*30 min time limit

These are pretty good. CrossFit Valentines day cards

The biggest loser: “We’re all fat again” 

Has anyone used that first piece of equipment before??? You may or may not have the chance very soon….

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