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So fancy


So fancy


Congrats to CFD for winning the cheering portion of regionals!

Wednesday 6/4/14

W/a partner:
3 rounds:
Run 800m
Rest 2 min
*We will do this like we did 2 weeks ago. Race your partner to 800, the loser gets a heat start after the 2 min by however many seconds they were behind. If A runs it in 3 min and B runs it in 3:05 then partner B starts the second run and gets a 5 second head start
3 rounds for time:
5 Muscle ups
30 KB snatch to lunges (53/35) (15L/15R)
50 Double unders
*15 min time limit

Almost top 100. 2014 overall regional leaderboard

CrossFit bashers, can you be more productive? 

The new Wade Lee joint from regionals! Wanted to say thanks again to everyone who cheered me on over the weekend. It means a lot too me! Thanks everybody 

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