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 Friday 12/28/12

High hang snatch
In teams of 2:
One partner working at a time
5 rounds:
10 KB snatch L (53/35)
10 KB snatch L
10 KB snatch R
10 KB snatch R
then 800m farmers carry (KB/DB in each hand)
then 200 Double unders (alternating efforts)

Coaches corner: For the snatches try to use heavier weight than last week but using a weight that allows full squat and proper technique is key. For part 2, partner A does 10 snatches on L arm then partner B does 10 on L arm. A does 10 on R arm B does 10 on R arm. Complete that cycle for 5 rounds. For the double unders if A does 50 DUs and B only does 1 then A must go again.

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