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Wednesday 7/10/19

High hang snatch
3×5 w/bar
Every 90 seconds x10
3 Position power snatch
Floor/knee/high hang
3 rounds for time:
30/20 Calorie row
30 Ground to overhead (75/55)

Danville 60

Every 90 seconds x 10
6 Double DB snatch
3 rounds:
30 Burpees
30 DB power cleans

Here is a reminder for the anniversary party WOD

Waterfall style each member must complete
20/15 Cals assault bike
10 Devils press (50/35)
into (As soon as first person completes bike and DB they may begin on squats until they get help from the next person to finish. It would behoove your team to put best people with sand bags first)
100 Sandbag squats (150/100)
100 Sandbag over shoulder (150/100)
Run 400m (together w/ 100# bag 2×50# DBs and 2×35# DBs)
50 Synchro burpees
Run 1 mile (together)(boiler maker hill)
50 Curtis Ps (165/115)(Power clean+Lunge L+Lunge R+overhead=1)(you do not have to wait for your whole team to start curtis Ps)
500 Double unders
Row 5000m between 2 rowers
50 Ring muscle ups
100 Toes to bar
200 DB thrusters (50/35)
30 Synchro burpee +1s
*After the curtis Ps the 100# bag and 2 team members must be carried at all times until the last 30 burpees 
**Each team member gets a get out of jail free card. You can use it 1 time and get a 5 min rest break. Once you use it you cannot use it again. Other than the assault bike/devils press, running and synchronized burpees there is no min or max number of reps that must be completed by each team member. If you cannot perform a movement that doesn’t mean you have to drop out.

Cookeville seems like the place to be

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