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Danielles shoe literally fits inside of mine

Thursday 10/18/12
Front squats
5×3 @70% w/5 second pause at the bottom of each rep
AMRAP 5 min rest 2 min then AMRAP 8 min
30 Double unders
20 Burpees
30 Abmat situps
20 KB sumohighpull (70/53)

Coaches corner: For the front squats each rep you sit at the very bottom of a squat for 5 seconds before standing up. For part 2 you do a 5 min amrap of the 4 exercises, then rest for 2 min, then start over and do a 8 min amrap of the 4 exercises

Diablo is hosting their Deuces Wild partner competition November 17th. There is a masters and open division, 1 guy 1 girl. If you are interested check out the website. Registrations goes up tonight at 6pm. Im sure it will sell out by tomorrow

Do you see any of these mofos at our box, maybe you’re one of them…..

I for real gagged watching this whole thing

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  1. Kathy Sulon

    She should be arrested for child endangerment—-all sorts of health problems coming soon with that diet and its all that big mom’s fault!

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