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Sign up for the nutrition class!


Sign up for the nutrition class!


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Wednesday 8/31/16

4 rounds:
Max reps strict DB press at 20/15% BW (In each hand)

Max reps rope pullups kip or strict

*I weight 185 pounds. 20% of 185 is 37 pounds, round up so i would use 40# dumbells…..
*switch lead hand for rope pullups each round. If you do not have strict or kipping pullups on rope then perform max rows while holding the rope. Just like a ring row
EMOM 20 min:
1 min: Row 15/10 cals
1 min: Bike/ski  12/8 Cals
1 min: 15 Box jump over
1 min: 12 Alt arm DB snatch (65/45)

You have until Thursday to sign up and get your money in for the nutrition reboot class. Stop putting it off and sign up now!

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