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Shake ups at the top


Shake ups at the top

1013761_762357920441735_928487732_nHappy birthday to Mr Tucker 2 scoops O’Conner

Monday 5/19/14

Back squat
20 RM add at least 5# from last week
Rest 2 min
Max reps front squat
For time:
34 Burpees
Run 200m
34 Pullups
5 Power clean (225/135)
Run 200m
21 C2B pullups
5 Power cleans (225/135)
Run 200m
13 Muscle ups
5 Power cleans (225/135)
Run 1 mile
*25 min time limit

California’s Dietetic association conference catered by McDonalds 

THoughts? Crossfit is not a sport: Legitimizing the sport of fitness. Part 1 and part 2.

Another week in the books an another handfull of multi games vets dont make the top 3. This year is shaking things up big time

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