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Same champs


Same champs

Top of the podium all the same as last 2 years. New 2nd and 3rd finishers!

Tuesday 8/6/19
In teams of 3:
5 rounds:
A. 25 Bar facing burpees
B. 10 Toes to bar + Max reps DB clusters (50/35)
*Goal of workout is to complete more clusters than your partners. Push the pace on the burpees so your partners will have less time to work and rest. A does 25 burpees while B does 10 toes to bar then max clusters in the remainder of time it takes A to finish. C rests. Once A is done everyone moves up one station. Cluster = squat clean to thruster. Must touch ground every rep

Danville 60

AMRAP 30 min:
25 Burpees
10 V-ups
10 DB clusters
Rest 1 min

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