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Resistance is futile!


Resistance is futile!

Whos pumped for CrossFit kids? This little dude is!

Whos pumped for CrossFit kids? This little dude is!

Wednesday 6/5/13
Establish a max for
2 Cleans + 2 Jerks
Against a 10 min clock
For time:
Power Clean (185/115)
Double under
then immediately into
3 min max reps

Ask coach: For the metcon portion it is 10 min no matter what. If it takes you 5 min to complete the power clean and double unders than you have 5 minutes to rest before the pullups. If it takes you 9:59 to finish then you have 1 second until you start pullups. If you dont finish than your score is how far you get in 10.

Remember to sign up for the hog run this weekend, its going to be a blast! For those interested JJ will be running a ping pong tournament for $10, cash money prize to the winner! Any questions please let me know

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