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Remember your number from last week


Remember your number from last week

They for sure both could have fit on that door

Monday 11/5/18

Front squat
*Use the same weight that you established for a 5RM last week. So if you did 275 as a 5rm you will be doing 5×3@275 today. If you did not do this last week then establish a 5RM instead
EMOM 10 min:
1 min: 10 Front squats (155/105)
1 min: 20 Plate Ground to overhead (45/25)

General fitness

Bulgarian split squat
4×8 each leg
AMRAP 10 min:
20 Plate Goblet squat
20 Plate ground to overhead

New Jersey trying to make dietary advice illegal 

CrossFit is cool 

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