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Power not muscle


Power not muscle

Coming soon. CFD day spa hours...

Coming soon. CFD day spa hours…

Saturday 8/3/13

7 rounds for time:
10 Dumbbell hang split snatch L arm (40/30)
1 Rope climb
10 Dubbell hand split snatch R arm (40/30)
1 Rope clmib
* Must alternate feet for the split each set

Ask coach: Assuming 9am will be packed again, sharing is caring on the ropes

Shorts and hats pre sale is over! Start getting your money in, Ill keep everyone posted on the ETA

What is active recovery?

Jon North retires from weightlifting

These are all examples of a POWER clean or a POWER snatch. Notice none of them catch it with legs straight and drag it up their chest or over their head. Its the same as a normal clean or snatch just stopped a little short


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