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Pick up your garbage!


Pick up your garbage!


The people being carried in all these pictures from thanksgiving look way too happy

Friday 12/6/13
Come and find out
*Bring your lifting shoes

Please help us keep the parking lot clean as we share it with other businesses. There has been an increase in the amount of garbage floating around outside

Jillian Michaels misses the mark

Why fascia matters to athletes

Last chance on getting a sweatshirt. Pretty sure we’re at 10 so sign up. Dec 10th is the last day

If you want to be included on the secret santa list you must sign up also by the 10th. 

Good rebuttal to the recent knees in/knees out debate. If you pay attention there is an underlying powerlifting squat vs. oly style squat that no one is commenting on in this most important of arguments. 

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