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Personal Programming

Get Started with Personal Programming

Looking to take your CrossFit game to the next level? Consider adding personal programming to your daily WOD routine. You will get additional work to do on top of the daily class wods. Programmed weekly based on your weaknesses and goals. 2 options to choose from.

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Programming includes:

  • Daily endurance work (Run/row/bike/ski)
  • Daily strength work
  • Daily skill/midline work
  • Daily metcons


Overall CrossFit

  • 3-4 days a week of extra programming.
  • Focus on increasing work capacity based on personal weaknesses
  • Daily check in’s and feedback from coach

CrossFit athlete

  •  6 days a week of extra programming including active recovery
  • Focus on becoming a proficient CrossFit athlete with the ultimate goal of advancing past the
  •  Open to the Regionals/Game
  • Daily check in’s and feedback from coach
  • Mobility for trouble area

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