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Party time!


Party time!


Last years line up!

Saturday 9/27/14
for time:
21 Snatches (215/140)
21 Muscle ups
21 Front squats (215/140)
42 Back rack lunges (215/140)
800m sled drag (215/140)
*45 min time limit

Reminder of the CFD anniversary party tomorrow at 12 until everyone decides to leave! Here are a couple bullet points to keep in mind
-WOD STARTS at 12. Be here be 11:30 at the latest to go over standards. DO NOT BE LATE!
-Kids are welcome there will be a bounce house
-There will be food from Sarah but feel free to bring something if you want to share
-There will be a keg
-Everyone gets 5 raffle tickets
-You will have fun!

Cafeteria face-off: Google vs. hospitals

Exercising on an empty stomach 

Here’s some action from last years WOD/party

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