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Partner on a Tuesday?!


Partner on a Tuesday?!


Is this dude catching a clean or doing a front squat, or a thruster? If there is a clear difference between your clean and squat bottom position you are doing it wrong. Get your butt low

Tuesday 9/15/15
3×5 tall clean+5 tall jerks
Every 1:30 for 9 min:
3 Touch and go full clean and jerk
*add each min 30 and find a 3RM
Max reps touch and go clean and jerks @80%
W/a partner
100 thrusters (115/75)
10 sets of 5 each. You go I go style
@10 min:
by yourself
150 KB swings (53/35)
*Try to choose a partner that will take around the same amount of time do their portion of the thrusters

Facebook friends aren’t real friends

Why google is going all in on diabetes

Cool plates. Most people in this video are going touch and go btw, in case you didn’t know what that means

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