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Paralysis by analysis


Paralysis by analysis



Hows your overhead positioning???

Wednesday 1/15/14
Every 90 seconds for 9 min

Run 200m
Split jerk w/ pause
find 5rm
9@95 asnd 5@90
4 rounds for total reps
1 min max KB swings (53/35)
1 min max Shoulder to overhead (135/95)
1 min rest
*Goal is 40+ reps every round. 50 if you are a real go getter

WOD #2 for battle for braging rights

Against a 15 min clock:
400m plate run RX(45/25) scaled (25/15)
50 Overhead forward stepping lunges RX(135/95) scaled (95/65)
50 Toes to bar
200m plate run RX(45/25) scaled (24/15)
25 Overhead forward stepping lunges RX(135/95) scaled (95/65)
25 Toes to bar
Max reps bumper plate burpees RX (45/25) scaled (25/15)

WOD #2 is scored on total # of reps completed in 15 min. At go each athlete must run an 400 with a bumper plate. Weight may be carried any way that athlete sees fit, there is no penalty for putting weight down but athlete cannot progress forward until it is picked back up. Upon returning athletes must load weight onto bars and complete 50 overhead lunges with a forward step. Each leg counts as 1 rep, athlete must alternate legs each rep. Knee must tap ground in order to count. You may snatch the weight overhead or clean and jerk it or clean it transfer it to the back and then jerk it. Toes too bar are standard toes too bar. If you complete the set reps before 15 min you and your partner will do max bumper plate burpees until time is up. To complete 1 rep your chest must hit the plate and lift the weight to overhead with arms straight. You must also lower the weight back down and cannot drop it until the weight is past your knees. Dropping from the top is a no rep.

A quick reminder about the comp this weekend. There are 3 wods and 1 final wod for the top teams. BRING PLENTY OF FOOD TO EAT as its going to be a lot more working out that most are used to. We will set up some tents and chairs just like a normal comp. Get ready its going to be a fun day! Also if you are able to judge/help please let us know ASAP.

Dont forget to sign up for your CFD headbands. Cut off will be next week

Why do we fart more on planes?

Morons, cheap beer, and thinking too much

Clang and bang!

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