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Paleo bake sale!


Paleo bake sale!


Arnold loves prowler pushes....

Thursday 8/22/13
Preworkout mobility to be done before class: Neck gnar gnar
2 rounds:
5 Snatch pull to knee (knees back)
5 Muscle snatch from knees
5 Overhead squat
5 Snatch balance
5 High hang snatch
Every min on the min for 10 min:
1 Full snatch + 1 Hang snatch from knees
goal is perfect technique catching it in the hole. Only add weight if technique is solid
5 rounds:
Even min:
3 Touch and go full clean (185/120)
Odd min:
15 pullups

Ask coach: For the conditioning workout, the goal is to hit those numbers every min. If you know for 100% fact that is not going to happen then we can scale the numbers down.

FYI. Sarahs bake sale will be this Saturday at 10am.  There is a pre order sheet up in the warm up room for pizza crusts and hamburger buns. Please see that there is a limit and if you are not here on saturday to pay then your order will be sold to someone else. All of Sarahs classics will be there as well, those are first come first serve. Rumor has it that there will be a return of the bacon maple bars.

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