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Overhead squats


Overhead squats

If you have the shoulder mobility, moving your grip in a little bit will increase stability with heavier weights

Wednesday 6/6/18

EMOM 6min:
10 PVC overhead squats
*Each min move your hands closer togehter
Overhead squat
*Increase in weight each set
For time:
40-30-20-10 (Single arm KB overhead squats 53/35)
*100 Double unders after each round
**Split reps up per arm however you wish

General fitness

EMOM 6 min:
10 Overhead lunges
Weighted lunge
Goblet squat
*100 Plate jumps after each round

Tia and Kara

Learn to do pullups, muscle ups, and rope climbs

From the CrossFit whisperer himself. Fun fact, BB tested positive for a banned substance from a supplement he was taking getting his team stripped of their podium spot 


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