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Online classes


Online classes

Thursday 3/20/20
Every 90 seconds for 10 rounds
10 Deadlifts
*If you have a bar and weights, cool, pick a weight that is tough for 10. If you don’t use whatever you have and do 15 reps while standing on something for a deficit. If you have nothing at all you can try 20 defect lunges or get a back pack ah put the heaviest stuff you can find and put it in there. Do 20 good mornings
Against a 20 min clock:
8 rounds
24 Hang power cleans (95/65)
12 Single arm devils press (50/35)(6L/6R)
In the remainder of time:
Max reps thrusters (95/65)
*If you have the equipment then do whats written above.
If you have a KB do 24 KB swings and single arm devils press w/KB
If you have a wall ball only do 24 wall balls and 24 Burpees
If you have a DB only do 24 Single arm DB power cleans (12L/12R)
No equipment 30 Good mornings and 15 burpees

DV45 (Glam Friday)
7 min:
30 second gun walk hold
30 seconds bicep curl
*Gun walk = hold a plate or weight in front of you with your elbows at 90 degrees
@10 min:
7 min:
30 Burpee + 1s
Max reps v-ups in remainder of time
@20 min:
7 min:
50 See the light situps
Max reps hollow rocks the reminder
@30 min:
7 min:
100 lunge to squats (1 rep = lunge L + lunge R + air squat)
Max reps Russian twists the reminder

We are going to run classes tomorrow at 10am and 4:30 pm on zoom. We did a test run today and it went great! Join in to get a workout in or just see your friends since we can’t all be together right now. Download the zoom app and enter the meeting ID below. We will also send out a link on instagram

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 684 431 2223

REMINDER. If you have a good gym setup at home and want more workouts that can utilize your equipment or you just want more workout ideas please do not hesitate to text me. My number is 925-785-2758. Also there is not much equipment left to take but theres a couple things. Please let me know if you would like to pick some up. Hang in there guys

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