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On to next year


On to next year

Fronbone back on top!

Monday 8/6/18

EMOM 6 min:
10 Plate front squats
In teams of 3:
10 rounds each:
Alternate every 20/15 Calories
*During your rest break complete 5 heavy front squats. Goal is to complete front squats by the time the person behind you is done with their calories

General fitness

EMOM 6 min:
10 Plate front squats
10 rounds
10 Burpees
5 Front suqats
Rest 1 min

Gymnastics class is cancelled this week as CJ will be out of town for work. Back to normal next week.

Another year and another great games! Really cool to see what different types of tests Castro comes up with. Couple fun facts I noticed. Out of the 14 events only 2 were pure strength events and only 5 total events included a barbell. Buuuuutttt 5 more events tested strength using heavier heavier that isn’t a barbell. Those coming in the form HEAVY kettlebells, HEAVY yoke, HEAVY “tumbler”/sled pull, and a HEAVY dummy carry in a vest. Point being, don’t fall in love with the barbell. There are other ways to get strong than snatching and cleaning all day.

Also, something that comes up in the open/regionals/game every year that still plagues people is grip strength and it still often goes overlooked. 8 of the 14 events were heavy on grip and you could see it taking its toll on the athletes especially on the c2b and peg boards. SO if you’re looking to be competitive in CrossFit for whatever reason. Do more grip intensive workouts

Lastly. This was the first year that there were no wallballs in the entire year for individuals or teams throughout the open, regionals, and the games.

Train hard for next year so Fraser and Toomey can walk all over everyone again 

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