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OG means original gangster


OG means original gangster


Fun fact of the day, Greg is 1 of the original members of the super awesome tough guy hour. OG son

Tuesday 2/4/14
AMRAP 10 min w/a partner:
10 Wallball shots
20 Double unders
Push press
work up to a heavy set of 4
4@95 4@90%
Alternating min for 12 min:
1 min: 6 Hang squat cleans (165/110)
1 min: 12 Burpee bar touch
*Goal is to do 6 unbroken each set
*Feel free to scale up the weight, if 12 burpees is easy then try 15

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Hign intensity exercise curb junk food cravings 

This is pretty good. Yes I chose it because it has Batman clips in it

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