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Not the mama


Not the mama


No overhead squats this week. I’ll give you a break

Thursday 3/12/15

2xmax calories row in 20 strokes

EMOM 16 min:
1 min: Row 15/10 Cal
1 min: 10 Handstand pushups
1 min: 15 KB swings (70/53)
1 min: 15 burpee bar touch
5 rounds for total reps of each:
30 seconds max double unders
30 sec rest
30 seconds max thrusters (105/70)
30 sec rest

*guarenteed we will see at least 1 of these movements this week if not all by the time the open is over. Hit heat portion of todays work as hard as you can

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Please read. Fixing droopy elbows in the jerk

Happy Thursday! Im sorry if you dont get this

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