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New toys


New toys

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So this happened yesterday. Now if they would just get that crap out of there….

Saturday 4/19/14
8 min to complete:
1 mile run
Max deadlifts (315/225)
10 min to complete:
1 mile run
Max power cleans (225/145)
12 min to complete:
1 mile run
Max overhead squats (135/95)

2nd week of our new classes. Comp class Saturday at 10am and Masters class Sunday at 10:30am. First week went awesome, lets keep it up. Comp class people, please come early and warm up. Be ready to go at 10am, lots of stuff to get through

Remember to get your regional t-shirts order in by the 1st! DO NOT BE THAT GUY, WE WILL MAKE FUN OF YOU

Poor sleep increases pain risk- especially as we age 

Chinas  rejection of GMO corn has cost U.S. up to 2.9 billion 

I wanna do this!!!

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