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New gear/Paleo challenge throwdown


New gear/Paleo challenge throwdown




New shirts! Pre order will be up tomorrow!

Thursday 8/13/15
Front squat
Quickly work up to a heavy single
*At some point during your front squats complete 75 ring pulls in as few sets as possible
4 rounds for time:
50m walking lunge
30 air squats
*Entire workout must be complete while holding a 20/14 medball. If ball is dropped you must complete 10 burpees before picking it back up

The whole foods paleo challenge is coming to an end. You should have received and email from Nate yesterday describing the final even that will take place at Whole Foods on Aug 30th from 9a,-12pm. You need to retest the wods and give us your score cards in order to be bridgeable for the sweet prizes. Please have them done and turned in by next Wednesday the 19th. If you are interested in competing in the finals WODs at the event please fill out the  sign up sheet in the email. You may also do that by CLICKING RIGHT HERE!!! Judges are also needed so if you are interested in doing that you may sign up by CLICKING RIGHT HERE! Its been a great challenge now lets go win some prizes, if you want to win your prize you must pre present at the event. If you did not receive the email with the info on the throwdown please contact Sarah, Joe, or myself

Reminder that this is the second week of endurance class at 8:30am. Also a reminder that there is no 10:30 class

Practice makes perfect 

26 pictures that pretty much sum up the human experience 

5 bucks to anyone that can do this


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