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New gear for the cold!


New gear for the cold!

F497 - F498 BACK


Monday 11/24/14
Squat prep
Back squat
5 rounds for time:
16 KB snatch to lunge (8L/8R)(53/35)
8 Burpee toes to bar

CFD is getting new gear! Hoodies and sweatpants just in time for the cold! As usual we will have  some samples for you to try on. As per usual we know you will have many questions as to what they are made of/shrink rate/thread count. They are 10% invisibility cloak, 20%dragon scales, 30% titanium dipped tri weave fibers,and of course 40% mithril. CLICK HERE IF YOU WANT TO ORDER SOME. We are not ordering extras so don’t be “that guy”

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