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New CFD gear!!!


New CFD gear!!!

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Friday 8/29/14 3 rounds: 10 banded Y’s 10 banded T’s 10 banded M’s 10 banded external rotation 10 banded press + 3 rounds: 1 min: Sprint 100m (1×50 down and back) 2 min: Spring 200m (2×50 down and back) 3 min: Sprint 300m (3×50 down and back) + In teams of 2: For time: 30-20-10 Thurster(95/65) Pullup *20 min time limit *Partner A completes 30 Thrusters while partner B, at the same time, completes 30 pullups. Once they both finish you switch now B does 30 Thrusters and A does 30 pullups. Continue this pattern until you are both finished with 10 thrusters and 10 pullups

Time for some new gear! We are coming out with some new shirts/tanks and long socks! Click here to check them out and sign up for your new stuff!!! We want orders in by Sept. 6th

Move beyond instinct and get uncomfortable 

Here is a demo of tomorrows team WOD. If you feel like you can do it with C2B pullups then give it a shoot

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