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Mutant technique


Mutant technique

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Some PRs from August. I expect see lots more for September with our testing coming up in a couple weeks

Thursday 9/5/13

2 rounds w/bar:
5 Snatch pull to knees (knees back/chest over bar)
5 Muscle snatch
5 Overhead squat
5 Snatch Balance
5 High hang snatch (bar does not travel down thigh)
Every min on the min for 15 min:
For time:
30 Alt arm DB snatch (65/45)
Run 1 mile
5 Rope climbs

SHORTS UPDATE: Soooo we spoke with WOD Gear today and it looks like its still going to be a couple weeks before we get the shorts! We are very sorry that this is taking soooo long, we aren’t happy either. Sorry again for the inconvenience 

How to fix disgusting mutant technique. There were a few of these over the weekend….

The perfect nap: Sleeping is a mix of art and science 

For the visual learners. Notice the non slowness and non arm usageness…

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  1. David Katz

    I would respectfully disagree with the non arm usage statement…. It is important to emphasize not pulling w arms past hips and to let the hips do the bulk of the work, however note the slight arm bend from the first pull off the floor used to pull bar back into the hips. If you were to look at the side profile these elite dudes and dudettes all pull the bar back after hitting w the hips. It’s hard to see because of the huge weights on the bar but this accomplishes two things….1) bar path is near center of balance allowing lifter to drive through all pulls via the heals and not toes and 2), enables a more balanced overhead catch over center of gravity rather than in front. It also helps prevent the bar from swinging horizontally at top of catch which can pull entire lift out of balance. Lift on and be strong my friends. Pull the f-$&@ out if that bar!

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