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Moxie Madness


Moxie Madness

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Words of wisdom for your weekend

Saturday 8/16/14
for time:
Run 1 mile w/ med ball (20/14)
60 Burpee pullups
Run 800 w/ ball
30 Burpee pullups
Run 400 w/ ball
15 Burpee pullupse
*45 min time limit

Team CFD get your pom poms ready!!! We will have a team at Moxie Madness this weekend. Britt, Courtney, Joe, and myself will be competing for team CFD. If you have time to come please cheer everyone on! All the info you need as to workouts, heats, and where it is can be found here. 

For my early AM warriors. 15 reasons why morning wods are the worst. #16 its early as crap 

CrossFit people, this is what you look like 

Ohhhh snappppp. Whos the new NorCal champ?!?!?

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