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Movement prep


Movement prep

Naomi bustin out some clean and jerks and lifts more than some of the dudes there!

Monday 11/19/12
Movement prep: squat hip prep

Back squat
6@70 6@75 6@80 4@85 3@90 6@75%
8 rounds for total reps:
20 Seconds max reps deadlift (135/95)
rest 10 seconds
20 Seconds max reps situps
rest 10 seconds

Im adding a new part to our daily programming. It gonna be called movement prep, the goal is to work on your mobility and to get your joints warmed up a little more for the days wod. Its hard to get in the skill of the week, mobility, our usual strength work and a metcon all in one class so its gonna be on you to do it during your warmup. When you come in and look at the warmup board there is gonna be a new section for you to do before the solo warmup. I will also put a link to the movement prep on the website. 

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