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Moms rejoice!


Moms rejoice!


Thursday 5/7/15
15 miniband front squats
20 hollow rocks
Front squat
8@65 8@70 8@75 8@80%
5 rounds for time:
Run 200m
16 Pullups
9 Strict handstand pushups
*16 min time limit
**If you want to try the regional version go ahead

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Starting May 11th we will be offering childcare at CFD! To start it will be Mondays and Wednesdays at 9:30 class only,  If you are interested or have any questions please let us know. Pricing details have been sent out in the newest CFD newsletter. Check your emails!

So apparently this is a thing now. The ‘dad bod’

SHow we’re setting up our kids to be fat, sick, and unhappy

Sundays workouts have been released. Its gonna be a long weekend

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