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Make good choices


Make good choices

Thursday 3/26/20

Quick check in with everyone. Just because you are in quarantine DOES NOT mean we get to eat snacks all day and slack on our workouts. We can still get quality workouts we just need to put the effort into it. This is a very stressful time for every one and 100 out of 100 times workout will help ease some of that stress. Keep up the fitness just, I’m trying to get really creative so were not doing jumping jacks and mountain climbers every day like MANY of the other gyms I’ve seen out there. Make good choices!

EMOm 16 min:
1 min: 5-15 Pull of choice (strict pullup/kipping pullup/ chest to bar/ring row/muscle up/rope climb/single arm row/barbell bent over row- whatever you can do)
1 min: 8-12 Bulgarian split squats
*Be sure to check out instagram for a DIY ring row set up you can do with 2 belts!
5 rounds for time:
Run 400m
20 Deadlifts (135/95)
20 Alternating jumping lunges
*If you can run, then run. If you have a cardio machine you can do 30/24 calories
Here is the movement I want you to perform based on the equipment you have
*2 DBs = deadlift
*1 DB= 12 DL L arm/ 12 DL R arm
*1 KB=Sumodeadlift highpull
*Medball = medball clean
*sandbag = sandbag deadlift
*rubber band= 30 good mornings
*NO equipment = 50 body weight good mornings


Get a timer running and set it for 30 minutes
Run max effort for 30 seconds then walk for 30 seconds
@the 15 minute mark turn around and see if where you end up at the 30 min mark. Hopefully its where you started or farther
EMOM 10 min:
20 seconds max effort calories on machine or burpees if non available

CrossFit preteens

EMOM 8 min:
1 min: Plank hold
1 min: walking lunges
10 sets of 5
*this may be done with a light bar or DB or a KB
*We do these a lot and they are pretty good by now but there are the points of performance they should be sticking yoo
-feet under bar or directly next to DB/KB
-hands outside hips
-abs tight before bending down (Punch in the stomach)
-stick out butt and chest up so you can read their t-shirt
-stand up (press the earth down)
-do back down exactly the same as way up (butt back chest up)
AMRAP 15 min:
Run 200m
15 plate ground to overhead (Or weighted object )
30 jumps to top of plate

If you would like a different workout or one special for the equipment you have please do not hesitate to text me. Ive been getting a lot so its no problem. My number is 924-785-2578. Keep doing your home wods and posting them on the social medias. Everyone loves seeing their gym friends even if its just a clip on insta! Stay active stay sane! 

Zoom classes at 10am and 4:30pm everyday for the duration of this shelter at home period. Download the app and join the fun. Even if you want to just watch and chat with friends for a couple minutes! 
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