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Machine variety


Machine variety

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Friday 7/12/19

In teams of 2:
For time:
300/240 Cal bIke ski or run
*Every 3 min including 0:00 each member completes 5 Devils press (50/35) and 15 Russian KB swings (70/35)
**When doing devils press and swings, one member works on devils press while other works on swings. When both are done switch. The remainder of the 3 min split calories however you wish.

Danville 60

In teams of 2:
10 rounds:
10 Devils press
20 KB swings
25 Cal row
*30 min cap

Saturday is anniversary WOD and party. Reminder, there will be NO REGULAR CLASSES SATURDAY MORNING. If you are participating in the WOD please get here before 8:30 to go over the WOD warmup and stratagize. WOD starts at 9. Potluck and BBQ starts at 11 if you plan on just coming to that. It’s going to be great, hope to see everyone there!

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