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Lefties unite!!!


Lefties unite!!!

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So long and safe travels to Emily and Olivia as they move back to Australia

Friday 7/10/15
10 Glute ham raise
Quickly work up to a heavy power clean w/ pause in receiving position
In teams of 2:
For time:
100 Calorie Ski erg/assault bike/row
100 Strict handstand pushups
100 Chest to bar pullups

If you volunteered to help this weekend please let us know if you still plan too. Check your email inboxes tonight with plans on what time to get to the gym and what you will be doing. Thanks in advance for all of your help! Obviously there will be no classes on Saturday but I will post an at home WOD to do

They 5 types of people to avoid at your box 

Why are some people left handed? 

CrossFit please make more sweet vids like you used to. Fronbone goes individual again next year, calling it

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