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Lady in a red hat alright!


Lady in a red hat alright!

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True story

Tuesday 6/10/14
3 rounds:
10 PVC shoulder raise
20 Hollow rocks
1 min ring support hold
Alt min for 12 min:
1 min: 5 Handstand pushups (greatest deficit possible)
1 min: 10 Alt arm DB snatch (heaviest possible)
For time:
Run 800m
40 Overhead lunges (45/25)
30 Toes to bar
Run 400m
30 Overhead lunges
20 Toes to bar
Run 200m
20 Overhead lunges
10 Toes to bar
*20 min time limit

How a 4 million year old fight may have formed your face

Milking camels for the next super food

Its summer guys and its HOT and its gonna be HOT. Make sure to dress accordingly and stay hydrated and bring your water. Were gonna keep it as cool as possible but yes the gym gets really hot. Remember that mild is always a bad choice 

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