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Kinda like DT


Kinda like DT


Anyone know who this dude is?

Friday 4/29/16
In teams of 3:
100m farmers carry (heaviest possible)
While waiting your turn complete max rounds of 3 wall climbs and 6 strict toes to bar
In teams of 2
10 Alternating rounds (5 each) for time:
15 Wallballs (20/14)
12 Double KB/DB Deadlifts (53/35)
9 Double KB/DB hang squat clean (53/35)
6 Double KB/DB shoulder to overhead (53/35)
*Partner A does 1 full round, then partner B does 1 full round. Complete for 5 rounds each

The gross way you can curb your sweet tooth for good 

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Old school

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