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Kids room!


Kids room!

We need your help to decorate the kids room. Tell your kids to draw their best crossfit picture and we will frame it and hang it on our walls!

Friday 10/5/12
Front squat
5@82.5 5@878.5 5@92.5%
For time:
In teams of 4:
4 min max reps rope climbs
2 members complete:
75 Handstand pushups
other 2 members complete:
50 KB clean and jerks (53/35)
once both teams finish switch
finish with 30 Wall clmibs
*subtract # of rope climbs completed from the 30 wall climbs

Coaches corner: This wod is the first on our new ropes. The ropes are brand new and need some breaking in. I STRONGLY advise wearing 2 pairs of socks, they are a little rough….

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