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Its funny because its true


Its funny because its true

Danielle died a little bit

Wednesday 12/12/12
3 rounds:
10 Good mornings
1 min hollow rock
5 rounds for total time:
8 Thrusters (135/95)
15 Pullups
Rest 1 min

Ask coach: For part 2 Shoot for under 1 min per round

Dont foget that this Friday is ugly sweater day and the the Holiday party is this Saturday at 6pm. To clarify for everybody, it is a potluck so bring something good! IT DOES NOT HAVE TO PALEO and no you will not be shunned if you bring something non plaeo. I may silently judge you though……

Certian fruits and veggies linked to lower breast cancer risk

Should athletes avoid ibuprofin? 

HAHA this is a good one!

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