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Its finally over! Movember!!!!


Its finally over! Movember!!!!

Its finally over!!!! I can never be as cool as Ron Burgundy! If you dont know who that is you are banned from the gym

Friday 11/30/12

Movement prep: Nice rack

Front squat
5@75 4@80 3@85 2@90 1@95 5@75%
“Movember ride”
in teams of 2
For time:
10 Rope clmibs
20 Deadlifts (275/185)
30 KB Ground to overhead (53/35)
40 Weighted pistols (25/10)
50 Plank burpees
400m partner carry

 Ask coach: A plank burpee is done by one person holding the plank position while the other does a burpee then jumps over their partner.

Taping class this Saturday at 12. Be there or be square

Bodybuilder defends his 31 inch biceps. Cool shirt…great range of motion……

Lifting weights in weightlessness 

Pretty awesome. Worth the watch

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