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It will be a slow Saturday….


It will be a slow Saturday….


Ugly sweater day is coming up December 23rd! Lets see what you got!!!

Saturday 12/3/16

5 rounds:
3 min: Max rope climbs
2 min: Max air squats
2 min: Max pushups
3 min: Run 400m
*If you have a vest wear it. If it take your 2 min to run 400 then you get to rest the remainder of the 3 min until you start the rope climbs again

Ugly sweater day is December 23rd! Lets see if 9:30 can retake the title after 5:30am dominated on Halloween! 

How to build grip strength and better your WOD 

Sweatshirt and hat orders are due by Friday!

This one is for Antony. The greatest CrossFit video of all time and record holder for most times posted on the blog



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