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I’m on a special program


I’m on a special program

Would you rather front squat or overhead squat???

Wednesday 3/8/17

Teams of 2-5
AMRAP 6 min
Conga line shuttle runs 30′ down 30′ backx2
EMOM 8 min:
2 Squat clean thrusters
*Pick a heavy weight and use that across. Try to go unbroken
AMRAP 18 min:
Row/bike/ski 60/45 cals
50 Front squat (95/65)
40 Kipping handstand pushups
30 Front squats (135/95)
20 Strict handsand pushups
10 Front squats (185/135)

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CrossFit gym won’t let visitor do special program in corner, his fitness suffers tremendously. This is great 

I think the 5:30 boys just found their newest bet penalty 

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