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If its orange then click on it!


If its orange then click on it!

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Like this

Tuesday 7/30/13

Pre workout mobility(done before class): Sleep like a champion
3 rounds for quality:
5-10 Stict ring dips with turnout at top
1 min plank hold
5-10 Hips to rings
Push jerk
3×5@60% of max split jerk
For time:
Shoulder to overhead (135/95)
*30 Double unders after each round
*12 min time limit

Ask coach: The load for the push jerks is lighter today. Emphasis should be speed pushing yourself down under the bar, YOU SHOULD NOT FEEL LIKE YOUR PRESSING THESE OUT AT ALL. If you can squat jerk than do it, the lower the better

Couple of things:
1. Most on the lacrosse balls have mysteriously vanished. If you have taken one home or they found their way into your gym bag please throw it back in the bucket. Thanks
2. Get to class early to warm up and mobilize please!!!!!
3. The band walks are taking a tole on the bands. From now on do the band walks by tying a knot at the end, doubling up the band and looping it around your ankles instead of under your feet. Or use my “sling shot”

We are closing the shorts/hat sign ups this Friday! If you want some please sign up now!. Remember to pick what size shorts you want in you already filled out the form last week, right now we can fill the order for shorts but not the hats. Make it work peeps

 The (not-so) secret society 

Could crickets change the way we thing about protein bars?

This is pretty bad ass!

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