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I wonder that 007s Fran time is???


I wonder that 007s Fran time is???

Hope you ladies enjoyed it while it lasted. Marc one of the few that actually lasted the whole month

Saturday 12/1/12
5 rounds for time:
11 KB/DB snatch (50/30)
12 One arm KB/DB thruster (50/30)
11 Weighted pullups (50/30)

Taping class tomorrow  (Saturday) at noon. $25 to join in and you get a roll of tape. Let us know if you are coming!!!

Why your mustache will attract women. “Facial hair says that you can squash bugs, chop wood and take care of a women inside the bedroom and out. Mustaches are manly”

How to workout like James Bond. Look familiar????

Just a little FYI in case you havent seen it yet!

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