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I just want shorts with my name on them!


I just want shorts with my name on them!



Tuesday 7/21/15
Every 30 seconds for 6 min:
30 sec: 3 Strict pullups or 10 ring rows if you dont have strict pullups
30 sec: 1-10 perfect pushups
5×3 strict press (heavier than last week)
*In between sets perform a 50m double overhead KB carry
3 rounds for time:
100 Double unders
7 Hang power clean and jerk (185/125)
*If you are horrible at double unders, turn each round into 3 min max reps. FYI this is a games event for teens and mastesr

Paleo potluck today at 6:30pm. Everybody is welcome!

CrossFit games starts today with masters and teen divisions. Be prepared to have this on at the gym ALL WEEK!!! All info on how to watch/ heats/workouts can be found here. Also keep an eye out for Brian as he is with the Rogue crew again this year.

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