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I dont get it? How long do you wait?


I dont get it? How long do you wait?

WAD_3892Full range of motion dips are a must if you ever hope to get a muscle up

Wednesday 5/21/14

“Predator and prey”
With a partner, run a 400m at your own pace. Find the difference in time it takes between partners. Rest two minutes, then the ‘slower’ person gets to go first and the ‘faster’ person has to wait the time difference (they have a ‘handicap’ and they must try and catch the person who got to leave first).

Repeat the process with 200m and 100m.
Every min on the min for as long as you can hold on
4 Burpees
6 Double KB front rack lunge (53/35)
8 Double KB shoulder to overhead (53/35)
*Goal is 20 min
**If you fall off pace then rest the following min and continue the rep scheme on the min as many times possible in the remaining 20 min

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