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I didn’t spell anything wrong


I didn’t spell anything wrong


True dat

Wednesday 4/1/15

For time:
Thrusters (135/95)
Chest to bar pullup
Rest 1 min
50 Squat cleans (225/155)
Rest 1 min
30 Burpee muscle ups
Rest 1 min
Run 5k
*We will be testing all of these. If you go into the next class to finish the run that is fine.

The open is over and that usually means a couple things usually. For most people it means going back to normal, hit the daily wods, refreshing the WOD blog instead of the leaderboard, and  chase so and so on the daily WOD board. Some people get discouraged about how crappy they did and get into a CrossFit funk and don’t show up for a while. The smallest group are the people that realize they have some holes in their game and work their butts of on the movements that they struggled with. We need  that group to be the biggest, but it never is. Why is that????

The past 4 opens have mostly been about how hard you can go with relatively  low skill/strength components for the most part. This year we saw a lot more advanced movements and most everybody struggled HEAVILY  with at least  one of them if not all. Cough cough, T2B, snatches, heavy clean and jerk, C2B, Muscle ups, double unders, handstand pushups, heavy power cleans,rowing……

We understand that most of you guys do not want to compete in CrossFit as a sport. You are just doing it as a workout which is fine, but the whole point of CrossFit is to develop you into a well rounded athlete that is good at everything. Not just good at long sweaty metcons with lots of  kettlebell swings running and burpees. PLEASE take some time to practice your skills and work on your crappy movements. Come 15 min early, stay 15 min late, work on what you need to work on.  Did all of the body weight movements kill you this year? Come to gymnastics class and work on it. Did the heavy clean and jerk bury you on the leaderboard? Come to weightlifting class and focus on just the lift instead of  “warming up” for the metcon. I know you do it. Utilize open gym time, training by yourself is fun sometimes.   Workout with the coaches if you want an extra push, and they are pretty cool dudes and do some fun stuff…If you didn’t do as well on the open/any workout as you wanted don’t make excuses, think about what you can do better and don’t let it happen again. Please refer to the picture above. Weaknesses don’t become strengths by accident. 

You’ve been cooking bacon wrong your whole life 

The war on raw milk 

Here is 15.5 looks like in 5 min and 19 seconds……..

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