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I dare you to cherry pick


I dare you to cherry pick


Guess what this person is doing

Wednesday 7/30/14
For time:
Run 5k
3 rounds:
2 min clock:
20 Burpees
Max reps double unders
1 min rest

Lots of stuff this weekend at CFD. If you are signed up for the double under clinic dont forget that its on Saturday at 11am. Also we have LOTS of people competing on Sat and Sunday. I believe we have 5 people competing at the Epic summer meltdown and 10-15 people competing at Lalanne. Ill put more info up on Friday as to where these events are at. CFD weekend! Get the pom poms out!!

Jason Khalipa confirms he’s going team in 2015.  Way to dance around the answer. What super team are you building?!??!

If you watched the final WOD and saw Fronbone do it, it was hilarious. If not read this, its pretty hilarious. Jesus told him to do it

Im screwed

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