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How many thrusters can you do???


How many thrusters can you do???


Can’t believe its almost been 2 years!!

Friday 9/5/14
3 rounds:
10 Band aparts
10 PVC passthrough with straight elbows
40′ seal walk
2 rounds:
50m farmers carry (53/35)
50m double overhead KB carry (53/35)
50m farmers carry (53/35)
50m double KB front rack carry (53/35)
*all 200m should be performed without putting the KBs down. Everytime you put the KBs down perform 5 burpees
In teams of 2:
4 rounds for time and total thrusters:
Partner A: Run 400m
Partner B: Max reps thrusters (95/65)
*25 min limit
*every time you break a set of thrusters you must complete 5 power cleans
**Partner A does a 400m run while B is performing thrusters. Upon return B goes out for the run and A does thrusters. Once both partners complete a run that is 1 round.

Paleo and Zone for optimal training

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2 year anniversary party is coming!!!! Click here for all the details. As like last year it will be teams of 8 against your CFD coaching staff except this year it will include Eli and Arnold. We will be doing different WODs than last year but it will still be VERY hard…..for the coaches….

The video that sparked the idea for last years WOD…

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