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How did they come up with this?!


How did they come up with this?!


Today that is true

Saturday 6/13/15
For time:
Run 1.5 miles
then 8 rounds of:
19 Pullups
19 Pushups
19 Burpess
400m Sandbag carry
1 mile DB farmers carry (45/25)
*This is top 5 most ridiculous hero WODs of all time. If you finish under 1 hour your a super fast buuuuuut thats probably not gonna happen so just get as far as you can in an hour. If you reallllly want to finish it go ahead

8 reasons why you aren’t getting stronger 

Foam rolling Vs. PNF 

Sign up for the Whol foods paleo challenge. Sign up sheet at the gym. Do it next time you’re in

TAC starts on Monday. Get some buff kids for the summer 

So many little Fronbones walking around

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