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Holiday party this weekend!


Holiday party this weekend!


Be one with the rope

Wednesday 12/14/16
15 band aparts
10 pvc passthrough
30ft seal walk
4 rounds not for time:
10/7 Strict pullups
10/7 Strict dips
30 second L-sit
20 Good mornings
50ft sled push (heaviest possible)
AMRAP 12 min:
1 rope climb
20 Double unders
2 rope climbs
40 Double unders
3 rope climbs
60 Double unders
4 rope climbs
80 Double unders
5 rope climbs
100 Double unders
*Once you finish the round of 5/100 go back down and restart at 1/20.

Don’t forget about the holiday party this Saturday at 7pm!

4 movements for big gains with low risk 

 Trust yourself down the rope. So much energy is used on a slow descent. Let gravity be your friend 

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