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Holiday party!


Holiday party!


We have the coolest gym around!

Thursday 11/22/13
Team conga line row for max calories in 8 min:
*Rotate every 15 cal, it should take less than a min to row 15
Front squat/Back squat
2 sets
7 Front squat rack the bar then 13 back squats (use 65% of max front squat as weight)
In teams of 2:
With a partner climb the ladder as high as possible in 16 min:
Hang power clean (95/65)
*Perform 10 pistols after each round. Split up reps however you wish.

The CFD holiday party will be Saturday Dec. 21st at 6pm. It will be potluck style like we did last year. Also like last year we will be doing a secret santa. If you plan on attending then please click on the google doc and RSVP. Last year was AWESOME, lets see if we can make this year even better!

Selfies aren’t empowering. They’re a cry for help

High intensity short workouts will rule 2014

I love selfies…


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